The 5 Reasons Customers Buy and Sell Real Estate

I really thought I had heard all the catchy real estate-ism

1. Buyers and Liars and sellers are too  

    2. List to Last 

    3. F.O.R.D

    4. LPMAMA

    But honestly the BEST one I have hard to date – and I literally just learned it a few weeks ago … is the 5 D’s

    The reason customers buy and sell properties summed up in 5 D- words.

    Diapers, Diplomas, Death, Divorce, Diamonds

    WOW!!  That is so easy to remember and so insightful!

    And the best part- does not only apply to the person the ‘d’ is referring to … For example- grandparents move because of a new grandbaby… Not just the family who has the baby needing a bigger home.  LOVE THAT!!

    The compound effect of these 5 life changes is REMARKABLE

    I know you are thinking-how am I EVER going to get any business from this….  Good news- you have a secret weapon.  And it involves a D as well- Social media Diarrhea.

    For the most part- all these life changes are shared on social media- maybe not divorce- but the others for sure!!

    Now- when you see these changes- please don’t message them with – hey your wife had another baby- hit me up because you need a bigger house. That will Not lead to sales.  

    Instead use this as an opportunity to connect (or re-connect) with them, and remember the person will need to:  know, like and trust you in order to do business with you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you as to how you have implemented these ideas into your best real estate practices.

    Even better- I invite you to let me know how you handle these situations?  I am always trying to get better.

    I hope you found this helpful!  Stay tuned for more tips!

    Tanya Cosmini, Broker & Owner of Realty One Group Elevate

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